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Super 8 Wedding Film

Super 8 Wedding Film


Super 8 film coverage, 1 cinematographer, 8 hours

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  • 8 Hours video coverage
  • One cinematographer
  • Your wedding shot on film
  • Film is scanned to digital for editing
  • 3-5 minute highlight video (online)
  • Fully edited video up to 10 mins. 


Super 8 is a film format released by Kodak as an improvement of the older 8mm home movie format. Its original intent was to record the everyday lives of families and friends. Its ease of use and ability to swap film cartridges mid-shoot allowed for widespread growth and popularity in the 1960s. When used today, there is a sense of nostalgia that harkens back to those classic first days of home movies. Today, with our iPhones or Flip cameras at our sides at all times, we have no discernment for which life-events deserve special documentation.

When we are able to capture endless footage, we end up overshooting our lives. This leads to the truly special moments of life getting mixed in with the mundane. Even worse, the special moments are never presented in a final format. In our minds, Super 8 is the perfect antidote to this problem. Not only does the medium evoke feelings of nostalgia (i.e. The Wonder Years) but it’s presented in such a way that it is worth revering.



Our aim is to "shoot like the uncle." It is that mindset that allows us to build a relationship and comfort with our subjects. Also, it drives us to get in close to the action and capture great moments that can't be filmed from a distance. At the end of the day, we hope the film feels like it was created by someone who knows you well.

Prices don't include travel, location scouting + accommodation, hard disks (raw footage option), film stock + process (Super 8 option).